What is it? Answers 156

Thursday, February 08, 2007

896. .38 caliber tear gas pen

897. Wick trimmer, used on one inch wide wicks in old oil lamps.

898. When I first posted this I thought it was a security key for an old door lock, the type where you could look through the key hole and the key worked on either side. If you were inside and didn't want anyone to use a key to get in, you could place this key in the lock and turn it, then a key could not be inserted from the outside.

But then someone sent in this scan from a catalog that shows an identical key that is used for sliding doors.

899. Blacksmith's top tool, not used like a hammer, but held on a work piece and struck with a sledge.

900. Well tile placing apparatus, 11" diameter when expanded, 10" diameter when collapsed. Wells were lined with tile which were placed on the outside of this device and lowered down, when in place, pulling on the rope collapsed the device and it was pulled up, leaving the tile behind. Patent number 435594 shows a different tool that was used for a similar purpose.

901. Double edged razor blade sharpener, put a blade on it then push down and slide it from side to side with your finger, as seen on the bottom of this page.

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